The Christian Ultimatum

With such a title, this topic is for our end time with more proof that Revelation 12 is happening now. Who is the Man-Child and what role will he play in this end time? The internet has put out about 15 articles on this but less than 10 have used Stellarium or other sky software that show 23 Sept 2017 as the target date. This is the greatest heavenly sign in the whole Bible and one site indicated it only occurs once in 7000 years. So we examine in more detail than what has been previously presented on Revelation 12. Others explain all the star & planet alignments but they rush only to verify the date and miss significant planet & constellation added meanings. What other values are there showing planets moving through various constellations?

Are you bored yet and think this is Astrology, as I once did? Don't leave yet as this topic will develop into the most important message you ever read at this end time. First, we will demolish the old theory that the Man-Child depicts the birth of Jesus. After proving this, should I ignore any sky signs regarding Jesus' birth? No, as I wanted to determine if there are any similarities between both births. One would think this is contradictory as I prove that this is not the birth of Jesus but then show the similarities for an astounding revelation backed with Bible verses.

We examined the planet & constellation events for both Jesus and the Man-Child. This topic leads to tracing the Star of Bethlehem to the manger with surprising results. We take this entire trip with the 3 wise men by observing the sky videos along the trip, with some cool math embedded. After this trip, we exploit all the minister's doctrines that have chained you from connecting to Jesus directly. You will see why this secret was sealed up until the end as Daniel and Revelation hinted. We retrace the doctrine of the original church to bring you to an update unto Christian perfection. Jesus will end the Church age by the way it started.

We have a beautiful display of the full KJV verses in 4-color on a great background pic by just a simple click rather than clogging this web page by quoting them. There is an option to just read my verse summary because of so many. After this, it will be in your heart and mind what you do to manifest Jesus that will ward off the timing of the Nuclear attack on America, prophesied by a few great US ministers & prophets, that only some of you probably heard of, but all reading this will now. I have a link to my other web site that explains where to go to escape the nuclear radiation plume which varies daily. I spent 7 years improving the Navy's Radiation Fallout Model program for real time application.

This complete article will help you gain confidence in what Jesus really has planned for the United States. Now you hold your breath hoping that my following web sites are not some spam. I wouldn't waste this much time and money to trick you as this article goes out to as many Christians as possible. This sermon took about 2 months and we need to disseminate this ASAP to all you Christians to be part of this Man-Child. I would have rather just enjoyed this simple life and love Jesus to the end and see the nice sermons on Sunday TV or in beautiful churches as we have enjoyed. But just consider that as spring training or boot camp because the real team is you depending on what you absorb here.

After 45 years searching for the best Bible preachers on radio then TV and visiting many local churches (5 one Sunday), I settled on one ministry but supported many at first. After hearing, visiting and reading the New Testament 10 times, I found so much confusion and false doctrines, that from what I know from other sources, I can't keep quite any longer. From all this and my science, math, meteorology and programming experience, I would feel guilty if not explaining all of it now? As an example, has your minister ever told you where the Bottomless Pit in Revelation is located? How about the real case of global warming? You thought you had answers as some guess but to understand all this now is crucial along with who the Man-Child really is and what he will accomplish on earth.

You may be a great world end time conservative alternate news media commentary watchman, but you also need to take a break to read this so you won't be swept up into this worldly kingdom that you preach so much against. Your U-tube posts, special guests and audience won't be able to help you when this all breaks out. Also, you ministers are all put on notice to preach this following message after you read it. If you ignore this, then you have no part of this last day revival but some of your congregation will be.

I'm praying that no viruses will destroy my web sites or this article as it is of utmost importance! This is why I'm flooding the Christians with this in one bundle now. However, this will be my only mass emailing contacts to you so you won't have to email me to take you off the mailing list. I'll leave the multiple links to my web sites and emails. I also have some interesting KJV Bible products that you may really like that are unique. These will be linked at the end of the last of these 3 consecutive massive topics.

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