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You may be interested in the some unique Bible Products. Gospels, Proverbs and Revelation books put on place mats as a red letter edition on scenic background pictures. From a distance you see the background pic, but up close, you see the colored KJV Bible text. When you see these, don't be disappointed that the text looks blurry. This will clear up if you zoom enough. The whole pic can't fit on your screen with this high resolution to show the text of the original file. Note the snapshot of the placemat smaller bar link above the larger bar link. You could request the Bible Chapters with a background color instead of a background pic. More Bible Place Mats should be coming.

We recently added The New Jesus - Day of the Lord. This describes most all the pertinent verses describing his coming. The other side usually shows the George Washington's Vision of America at Valley Forge. Locally, they buy the placemat, frame it and place it on the walls inside their church. See Bible Place Mats .

We can also put these Place Mats pics on TShirts. After clicking on blue bars, scroll down on the T-Shirt displays for more T-Shirt displays and info. See these samples in T-Shirts .

Another group of Place Mats is the beautiful display of God's heavens as seen by our US Hubble Telescope. I have displayed 55 of these by 11 pics on 5 rows. You can join any 2 for front and back of Place Mats. Just show what pair by the number underneath, only need the last 2 digits, and tell what row & col in case you can't read file name by zoom or do both so no mistake. Pair up 2 for each Place Mat. If you want more pic detail, I may be putting each one on my website in larger size or email me. 1 Place Mat = $7, 2 for $12 and 3+ for $5 each plus shipping. They are 11" x 17" @ 10 mil, heaviest made, clear plastic. See all 55 in Hubble Place Mats .

Finally, here is the link to the KJV books & sizes of the Sequenced Gospel, verse by verse, much better than a concordance. Click to the left of the book, like on the gold Sequi-Verse, to see Table of Contents and 12 Topic samples. Go to Sequi-Verse .

If you order any of these above items, please send email for availability is preferred over order forms. As for payment, you can use PayPal for your convenience. I'm taking no chances with credit cards. Best choice is snail mail check or money order and item request order to:

Pro-Scrip Products,Inc.
PO Box 243

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