Buddy McCloskey - Born 26 July 1938

A Rough Beginning - Adoption # 1

I was adopted from Western Mass during the summer of 1941 after the death of my mother. My dad had heard from a friend that read an article from a local newspaper regarding his wife's death, jumping out of a car. I was put up at my grandmother's mother's side old farm shack house for a few weeks before I was three years old and those weeks are the 2nd memory of my early life. Earlier that summer, my only memory of my mom was during a violent thunderstorm in CT one night with the rain pounding a porch tin-roof. My dad found me on the old farm and took me to Boston to fly me to an uncle in Philly, thinking I may have a better life there. I also remembered that flight from Boston that summer in '41 before I was hearing the prop engines roar while talking to the pilots in the cockpit. I stayed in an orphanage home for a few days when a friend of my mom's friend told her about me. She could not bear children so she adopted me immediately.

Return After 25 Years

In the 1960's, I returned to that area on a whim and the name Savoy & N. Adams were the towns I remembered? I went up to a local store hangout in Savoy and some old folks there told me of a retired postal clerk up town. I found her in a rocking chair on her porch up the main hi way just before sunset and she recalled a little blonde haired boy about three years old that stayed at that house but left about 1941 and that I did look a lot like him. She called to let the grandparents know I was back and pointed me down the road. When I pulled up in the car at sunset, the stout grandmother came over to the car and fit exactly the image of her I remembered before in 1941 telling me not to chase the chickens. We talked and all my early memories were confirmed. Later, I returned and saw my real dad (flesh that is). 

Local Training & Profession

Lived in Hatboro, PA until 1960. Graduated from Hatboro-Horsham High School, PA in '56. Played violin for our local United Methodist Church Orchestra in the 50's. Had three years of active duty as an Aerographer's Mate, (Weather) for the USNR - Naval Air Station - Willow Grove, PA. I advanced to Chief Petty Officer then commissioned as a Naval Weather Officer in 1970, retired as Lt. Commander in 1984. Active duties during summers in mid 60's. Graduated from Millersville, PA with a BS in secondary education, math major, earth science minor. Taught three years math & science in NJ Public Schools, then as a meteorology instructor for the US Army in Ft. Monmouth, NJ for two years. Took meteorology courses from the Penn State University Correspondence Study Dept. and the US Navy Correspondence Center. I did substitute HS teaching while earning a Master's in Meteorology from Rutgers University. I taught a meteorology course as an evening division extension at Trenton State College, NJ. Employed as an Air Pollution Meteorologist/Computer Programmer for Environmental Consulting firms before and after my main career as the Air Pollution Meteorologist for the City of Phila. for 17 years. Married for 22 years before a divorce, have one married daughter, 1 son and 1 granddaughter and 1 grandson.

Water Power

My prayer to God around summer 1974 was, "Show me the truth before I die as I want to understand what is going on in the world and to know more about you". On 4 Nov 1974, I was flipped over in a raft with my 11 year old son during dusk on the Tohickon Creek in Bucks County Pa. Held captive for about 20 minutes from drifting downstream by rapids flowing over a boulder (hydraulics) but was sucked under three times, which was I thought was worse. I lost my grasp on my boy the last time as I struggled to get myself up on the raft which was filled with water but was something heavy to cling to. We had lost our paddles. My friend's larger raft was temporarily washed up on a large flat boulder further downstream with his son. One of our paddles hit his boy in his leg while marooned on their rock and then his son nearly was panic struck but they jumped back in and managed to finish the course to the Delaware River.

Meanwhile, my boy had thought he was tumbling over and over down stream until he felt my arm grab his shirt and pulled him up to hang on the raft. Then the battle of balance between the water sucking under or water pushing downstream changed and I felt my feet lifting off the rock I was standing on sent us down the creek over drops and rocks with me floating and hanging on outside the side of the raft with him on the other side - nearer shore. After about a few hundred yards, before a next series of major drops, my boy felt rocks under his feet but I didn't. I told him to battle to the right and I did too and finally felt land. We barely could move the water logged raft. We sat on the other side of the creek figuring how to climb this long steep hill while the rescue crew and fire companies came were shining lights and yelling for us. They never saw us and the rapids and fire truck engines were too loud for them to hear us. Finally, for nearly an hour after making our way up the rough rocks and brush hill with deer watching us, we broke out of the woods and knocked on a house window when we reached the road. It was the County's Park Ranger's house but her husband was down with the rescue effort. The wife was told by the Lord that she was going to meet two people tonight by a different sort of way. After her calling in by phone, they called of the rescue and told them that we were at her place, we patched up our cuts and bruises and was interviewed by the local police for the newspaper account. The creek is rough with class III rapids during a dam release and a class IV+ with heavy rains. It is a biannual event for kyackers now and is used for the US Olympic tryouts at times. There has been one death on the Tohickon there due to exhaustion but 10 deaths in the 80's from Rock Climbing on the canyon walls nearby in Ralph Stover's State Park. The first one and a half miles of the creek had been rafted many times but the last three + miles is a different story. A kyacker pro at the 2nd falls had said, "Don't go or else walk the rafts around the three drop points (the steps) ahead". I could have drowned or hit my head against the boulders? Only my son had on a red kids football helmet the entire trip.

My Salvation - Adoption # 2

Enough of the venture above but now we can talk about water baptism, I knew from that point I started to get this message clear. Before that event, I was given the Watch Tower literature & books by the Jehovah Witnesses. Interesting but after reading that, I knew that something was wrong there so I decided to find out. My prayer to know the truth must prevail. All I had was the 'lil so called Jehovah message and previously attended and married in a United Methodist Church where I also played violin in their worship orchestra. Glad I didn't trust that either. During the spring of the '75, I would listen to as many minister's as possible during my commute to Princeton's University's Computer Center to write meteorological air pollution programs for the City of Phila. Also, lunchtime and at night hearing them on radio and going to many local churches and watching TV ministers was routine. I had 4 favorite minister's. However, over a period of 15 years, it narrowed to three, then two and finally one but supported all at first. I went to revival meetings when local but traveled across the country during vacations. I listened to 100's of tapes from a variety of ministers, read their literature but I read the Bible also. It was then, I knew that the local churches were different from those in the southern Bible Belt of the USA. The testimonies the people would tell during the 1-2 week tent revival meetings astounded me. However, I noticed the real differences in ministries even from our local churches and TV. I understood what the real Jesus did for me and completely accepted his salvation plan during Thanksgiving 1976 in Ft. Payne, AL.

Bible Programming

During 1993, I completed the only known, to date, verse by verse sequenced Gospel - see Sequi Verse below. When some of the minister's made excuses for not wanting this book as just another harmony of the Gospel's while other's advertised it on their radio broad cast and our USA's #1 evangelist starting using this, I knew there was a division going on here. The program is written in the older DOS "C" *.exe language, as well as my other Bible Search programs, for the PC. After visiting local Sunday services from church to church, I got really depressed in hearing their sermons compared to the revivals I attended. One Sunday in 2004, I visited 5 church services and talked to the congregation and pastors. The only solution to this was start my own ministry. In fact the Bible states that those that know what they should do and don't do it, it is sin and will suffer some stripes. I can't seem to find any more meat of the word locally any more but I'm still hungry. The time spent finding a better word is too time consuming with so little returns.

More Background for a Ministry

I read about the 7 years and 52 men that composed the King James Bible. For this and other reasons, it will be the main source as well as the Interlinear Greek-English New Testament and Strong's Concordance - computer version. After seeing and hearing much, I know that the US could have another revival if sound word is preached but we must do our part. I will always look for the truth and if others help, they could help build a complete understanding for the (Body of Christ) that Jesus will confirm and return for. If wrong, I will admit but it takes the Bible to confirm, signs following or THE END. I had a dream when I was probably 11 years old and it was so real. Later after my salvation, I read the exact verses of it as follows:
Rev 1:15  Rev 6:15  Rev 6:16  Rev 6:17  I didn't see his feet on fire because when I heard his voice, I ran in a cave. That voice didn't need a PA system. Low tone but very loud and spoke slowly and roared! When I heard the voice, I couldn't bring myself around to look at him. I was so scared to look at him that I couldn't do it. The next time, I won't run away. Why all this boring info on me? Well theologians and doctors exercise their titles for you to recognize their authority with the abbreviations after their name. Recall, Jesus has his title in front of his name "Lord". So I have a MS in Meteorology and along with logical math and Boolean Algebra, probabilities and statistics, and may use these at times in my sermons to explain some scriptures. People today do want to know about who is who so just in case you want to know because I will teach some new things but give you some confidence that they aren't off the walls but carefully thought out these end time revelations. Satan will distract ministers to dwell into mysterious doctrines, so I won't claim things that aren't biblically backed. Isaiah said - "Come let us reason together". I will, will you?

With the Web, we can search on any topics and I will give some links also with some comments and warnings. Jesus did say knowledge would increase. I associated with the poor and mixed with the rich and intellect: teachers, engineers, computer programmers, scientists, TV, politicians and psychologists. So I am at many levels to expound the great ministries of Jesus Christ and this will be new to some but not boring near this end time. I just attended my 50th High School reunion and I recall a comment made in my yearbook Buddy "A friend and pal of everyone". I know that can't be true for Christians because the Bible warns us of that but I'll try.

God Gives Us Freedom and the KJV

I attended the annual Christmas re-enactment of Washington's Crossing a few times near here and more and more see the importance of his battle to take Trenton or we would still be under British rule. The freedom of religion here allows us to search out God as we please - right or wrong. However, he allowed to us the KJV Bible from the Greek Receptus and now it's been our turn to hear God's ministers on their freedom of interpretation without any government controlled religion. Somewhere and sometimes the truth will prevail. Considering, we are near the end, we have to step this up a bit and for the USA, who is preaching the truth today?

In Jesus' Name Forever